Frequently Asked Questions

Is Braquet a reseller site?

No. We do not take a fee or commission from manufacturers or resellers and you will be in touch with the supplier directly. We just provide the information so you can start a discussion with a supplier that’s appropriate for your exact needs.

How are reviews and quotes moderated on Braquet?

We do not alter or edit content that are submitted by our users. Only users are able to edit their content. Manufacturers and resellers do not have the ability to alter reviews about them. All of the quotes and reviews are reviewed by humans.

Can manufacturers and resellers review themselves?

We have a user verification process and do not allow manufacturers or resellers to submit reviews.

Can companies edit or remove reviews about them?

We do not allow manufacturers or resellers to remove reviews.

Can anyone submit reviews?

We have a user verification process to ensure that the community can benefit from the users’ contributions.

How are manufacturers and resellers ranked in the search?

The search result is based on our proprietary algorithm that takes reviews, quotes and other factors into account.

Can manufacturers ask customers to write reviews?

Yes, we encourage manufacturers to ask their customers to write reviews regarding customer service, product quality and other aspects of the business. These type of reviews give realistic insight to these suppliers only customers can provide.